What is the maximum print size?

Currently, the largest size we can print is 44″x200″.

Most of the paper stocks we use are on 44″ rolls and that is the maximum print width, however, we could print up to 200″ in length.

We suggest that you combine small files into a larger poster that takes advantage of the full width. For example, you could put four 11″x17″ pages on 1 sheet that is 44”x17” and then cut them to smaller posters after printing.

What is the ideal file resolution?

The ideal file resolution for printing is 300 DPI.

You could print files that have lower resolutions but there is a high chance your print will come out pixelated.

Resolutions over 300DPI are discarded by the printer. So, there is no point in uploading files with higher resolution and have to deal with all the problems it could cause during file transfer and processing.

Do I need to add trim marks to my file?

By default, we add a 1px line on the edge of all print for trimming. The size of this trim line is equal to the print size you order.

But if you’re planning to cut the posters into smaller ones later, trim marks would save you a lot of time.


Most Industrial and budget desktop printers only use 4 ink colors to produce an image. Therefore, designers have to sacrifice a wide color gamut of their design by converting their files to CMYK to match the printer.

Our printers, however, use up to 10 different colors to produce the widest color gamut, capturing the most intricate details of any form of artwork. We accept RGB files and so you don’t have to convert your files to CMYK and loose all the vibrant colors in the process.

We recommend you send us RGB files because our processes are optimized to produce the most accurate colors however, you make the final decision on color mode.

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