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Custom-Made Frames

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?Includes regular Acrylic glass and foamboard
?Includes Archival UV Acrylic glass and All acid-free materials
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Supports: PDF, JPEG, TIFF

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to resize your files is to use photo editing software like Photoshop. You can also use the free online tool Please follow the steps here to set the print size correctly. This method allows you to upload your files as “Print ready files” which is the best for fine art printing. 

If you don’t have access to any photo editing software, you can use our online design tool available on each product page. This tool allows you to simply upload and resize your images online. The online design tool works best for prints smaller than 18×24. 

If you need help resizing your files, please email us your files and details and request to resize them.  

If you have multiple small files, you can lay them out on a larger sheet up to 44″ wide and cut them later. This will be faster to print and lowers the paper waste. Just make sure the images line up on your layout so it’s easier to cut.

No. You don’t need to add any bleed or trim marks for poster printing. Our software does that automatically. 

Please note, if you add trim marks to your files, we will not cut your poster based on those marks. Our CNC cutter automatically cuts to the posters to match the print size you submitted. 

If the dimensions of your poster are too large and Photoshop doesn’t allow you to save it as PDF, you can change the resolution to 200 dpi and try saving it again (the quality of your print will still be great since it’s a PDF file).

If your file contains multiple smaller posters and you are planning to cut them out after printing, consider splitting your file into smaller pieces

If none of the above works, contact us for alternative solutions like uploading a different format

Most Industrial and budget desktop printers only use 4 ink colors to produce any image. Therefore, designers have to sacrifice a wide color gamut of their design by convert their file to CMYK to match the printer. Modern Digital printers however, use up to 10 different colors to produce the widest color gamut, capturing the most intricate details of any form artwork. 

We accept RGB files and so you don’t have to covert your files to CMYK and loose all the vibrant colors in the process. We recommend you send us RGB files because our processes is optimized to produce the most accurate colors however, you make the final decision on color mode.

Crafting an artful display for your cherished pieces is essential, not just for presentation but for preservation. Our custom framing service brings museum quality to your home, ensuring that every masterpiece you own is encased in the best possible environment for its longevity. Here’s how our custom framing makes a difference:

Gallery Frames:

  • Archival UV Acrylic Glass: We use Conservation Clear Acrylic that blocks 99% of harmful UV rays, providing the ultimate protection for your artwork against fading and deterioration.
  • All Acid-free Materials: The backing board, tapes, and seals are all crafted from acid-free materials to prevent any damage to your artwork, ensuring its longevity.
  • Kraft Back Seal: Our gallery frames come with a kraft paper backing, meticulously sealed to keep dust and pollutants at bay, preserving the integrity of your artwork.


Basic Frames:

  • Non-UV Acrylic Glass: While our basic frames come with standard acrylic glass, they do not offer UV protection and are best kept out of direct sunlight to prevent damage.
  • Regular Foamboard Backing: This backing may contain chemicals that can potentially harm your artwork over time, which is why our custom options are always recommended.
  • Kraft Back Seal: Like our gallery frames, the basic frames are also sealed at the back to protect them from dust and pollution.

Choose our custom framing service for a tailored solution that not only enhances your art but safeguards it. With precision craftsmanship and archival quality materials, we promise longevity and style in every frame. Let us encapsulate your memories and masterpieces with our superior custom framing options.

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