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Fine Art Printing

We understand how paper can effect your artwork and that is why we offer a full range of photographic and fine art papers at an affordable price so you can display your art at its best.

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Paper Types Differences

Fine Art Papers

  • Museum Quality

    Highly sought after by pro photographers and artists to make museum-quality prints

  • Acid-free

    Your print colors will retain its sharpness for up to 100 years if properly taken care of

  • Heavy Paper Weights

    300 to 400 GSM

  • Premium Pricing

    Higher prices due to premium materials used for manufacturing


Photo Papers

  • Multi Purpose

    Wide range of application from photo prints, presentations to banners, etc, You name it!

  • Contain OBA

    Contains chemicals that might cause the colors to fade quicker than fine art papers

  • Standard Paper Weights

    150 to 300 GSM

  • Economy Pricing

    Photo papers enable us to make good quality prints at an affordable price

Photo Papers

Universal inkjet photo papers for printing photos, large posters, presentations, etc

Mounted Prints

Photo prints, mounted on 3/16" white foam board

Fine Art Papers

Specialty papers, each with a unique character for making archival Giclee prints

What are

Archival Prints
In summary, prints that are produced using pigment ink, acid- and lignin-free cotton rag paper are considered true archival prints. If stored properly and protected from UV light, the longevity of archival prints would be more than 100 years without changing colors and degradation.

What is

Giclée ( zhee·klei )
Giclée ( zhee·klei )is a French word that means “to spray” and refers to the continuous ink output done by special large format printers. Over time, this word has become synonymous with archival printing that uses water-based pigment inks.

What is

OBA Free
"Optical Brightening Agents" are the chemicals that are added to the paper to make it look whiter. The OBAs are unstable molecules and may turn yellow over time. Papers with no OBA are recommended for archival printing as they absorb less UV light.

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