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How to prepare your file for fine art printing in Adobe Photoshop

1 – Set your desired print size

PHOTOSHOP tutorial 002 2PHOTOSHOP tutorial 002 2

2 – Set the color profile

From the Edit menu, select Assign Profile

Screenshot 2024 06 20 105254

Select Profile and set it to Adobe RGB 1998. 

Please note, that selecting any other color profiles could result in a color shift. 

Screenshot 2024 06 20 105426

Why not CMYK?

Modern digital printers such as the Epson Surecolor Series, use up to 10 different colors to produce the widest color gamut, capturing the most intricate details of any form of artwork. We send RGB files to the printer driver and let it do its magic instead of converting them to CMYK and losing all the vibrant colors before the printing begins.

Screenshot 2024 06 20 111135

3- Flatten and save the image

PHOTOSHOP tutorial 005 2

PHOTOSHOP tutorial 006 1

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