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In today’s digital age, where brand visibility and customer engagement are key to success, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our innovative Combined Ambassador and Referral Program. This initiative is designed to not only enhance our brand’s presence but also to drive sales and gather valuable insights from those who know and love our products the most. Here’s everything you need to know about the program, from its structure and rewards to the responsibilities it entails for participants.

Program Overview

Our Combined Ambassador and Referral Program is a strategic initiative aimed at leveraging the passion and influence of our most dedicated followers. By integrating both ambassador and referral strategies, we’re creating a powerful mechanism for promoting our brand and rewarding those who help us grow.


We’re kicking things off with a 1-month trial period. This timeframe will allow us to assess the program’s effectiveness and make any necessary adjustments. Based on performance and results, we’re open to extending the program to create long-term partnerships with our ambassadors.



Content Creation

Brand Representation

Feedback and Insights


Additional Components

Selection Criteria

Support from the Brand

Performance Tracking and Program Evaluation

Communication Plan

By launching this Combined Ambassador and Referral Program, we aim not only to boost our brand’s visibility and sales but also to build a stronger, more engaged community around our products. We believe that through collaboration, creativity, and a shared passion for art, we can achieve remarkable results together.

Sign up

To participate in this program, please send us an email to introducing yourself and we’ll move from there.